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Teressa Lenkey: Re: lenkey23/10/2005, 15:52:35
Hi Nora,

Yes I am very much still interested. I'm glad you can write English, I was seeing all these post in Hungarian and was very much discouraged. I should learn the language but it seems so hard.

Do you know what part of Canada Sarah resided in? I ask because our grandfather Zolton Lenkey and his wife Gizella Nagy Lenkey resided in Toronto. My husband, (why I am a Lenkey now) remembers his grandfather telling him that the reason they lived in Toronto was because the weather was like that if Budapest. Zoltan and his wofe fled Hungary in 1956 to Austrai and then a year later imagrated into Canada.

I am waiting for a death certificate for Zolton and also that of his wife to see if I can get a clearer picture of where we stand with-in the Lenkey line. Grant's (my husband) father was born in Budapest and he remembers his father telling him he was related to Colonel Karoly Lenkey and his brother General Janos Lenkey, but I haven't fit the pieces together yet. I'm hoping the death certificate will shead light onto their parents.

Thank you for the information you provided. I'll send some photo's of our Lenkey family - maybe some one can Identify them? This Photo was mixed in with some Lenkey items, my father in-law believes them to be Zolton's mother and his brother and sister in-law. The second one is of Zoltan's father, name unknown.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Teressa Lenkey

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