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Erwin: Re: lenkey23/10/2005, 18:46:19
Hello Teressa,
nice to see you made a long, successful way in family research! Really good work! I'm Erwin ("source 6" ;-): correct "alcatel" to "onlinehome"). Here one remark and one question to you.

1/ grandfather "Zolton" Lenkey has to be corrected to "Zoltán". This could possibly be important you search his data.
2/ it's not directly linked to THIS thread, however, because you seems are familiare with Zadorfalva church records let me ask you a short question:
I'm researching my anchestors, the (noble) Török family. I already found a lot of information but need to fill a gap. Both, Jozsef Csoma and Mihály Forgon mention the family. They came originally from Abauj but lived later in Gömör and Zemplen. Csoma and Forgon writes branches lived in the ~1780
years in Zadorfalva, Recsk and Ragály, all in Gömör. I miss a Ferencz/Francis who should have been born around 1780. I've only tha data of his marriage but in Vac/Pest county...
Did you found any mention of Török family members in Zádorfalva? (to make things more complicated, I know, at least after 1800 family members I know were of "ágostei" = lutheran faith - and I found mention of a noble Török family NOT in Zádorfalva but in Zádorháza, also close to Sajo)
I appreciate any help you could give.

best regards, Ervin


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