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lenkeypeter: Re: Lenkey Surname25/05/2006, 17:28:43
Dear Teressa,

I am most happy that I found this site and so many Lenkeys, the ancestors of a fine name like this.
As I read through your mails I realized that though you live the furthest you have the most knowledge concerning the zadorfalusi-lenkei branch. I myself spent many of my summers at Putnok, Alsószuha and Zádorfalva at my grandparents who derive from Alsószuha the next village to Zádorfalva. Actually both of my sons were baptized there though we live in Piliscsaba, (very close to Budapest).
We also have a family tree that would be nice to be matched with yours and see where the two meet. Actually the one you mentioned in your mail was a result of your research in Zádorfalva or a copy of the pages from Forgon Mihály's book book. I was so fortunate to meet the direct ancestors of Lenkey János's brother Lenkey Károly (whose picture you sent in your very first mail) but unfortunately there was a gap in the tree so a direct relation with our and their tree could not be obtained. But we try still.

I never imagined that our family even the zadorfalusi barch had such a vital and blooming tree but now reading through all the mails at Radix I find it a real challange to see clear. I also visited a site called Ancestry.com and there even more Lenkeys especially from the US were listed.
Beside trying to fill in the gaps in our family trees I think it would be nice to organize a world wide Lenkey family gathering up there in lower Gömör in zadorfalva-Alsószuha region. What do you think?

At the moment I do not have the family tree with me (it is in Debrecen at my father's) but will scan it in and send it to you later. Do you happen to have yours in a family tree shape?

Hope I have not kept you up for long, waiting for your reply, yours,

Péter Lenkey

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