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heather: need info
Hi, my maiden name is Heather Jarabek and I am researching my ancestry. I have very little info and would like help. My father is Donald Jarabek, his father is Martin Thomas Jarabek Jr. his father was Martin Jarabek Sr.(1897-1967)married to Susan Hasek. His father was John Jarabek married to Elizabeth. If anyone has any connections to these names I would love to here from you. Heathercarter -a-t- yahoo -d-o-t- com
09/01/2004, 20:40:28
#: 200401147

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Zlatica : Re: need info

You need to locate a name of a town for your ancestor in order to proceed with the research.
Do you know what language they spoke?
If your ancestor had social security numbers or was naturalized citizen than those papers would provide substantial information needed for your research.


66 JARABEKs, 47 HASEKs passed thru Ellis Island. Take a look at those manifests. There could be a clue.
The Slovak Republic's phone site is listing Jarabek and Hasek.
09/01/2004, 22:21:58
#: 200401148

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Brad: Re: need info
Hi, My name is Brad Jarabek. I'm from Sioux Falls, S.D. I think I may be able to help you out a little. My great grandfather was John Jarabek and he came to America through Ellis Island and settled in Mitchell, S.D. I know he had family in Cleveland, Ohio but I'm not sure of there names. But one of my aunts has a rather large family tree put together and she would know. Email me back and I will try to find out more for you

Bjarabek -a-t- hotmail -d-o-t- com
16/12/2004, 00:37:12
#: 200412502

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kezdi: Re: need info
Brad, these are Jarabek listings with Towns showing in Hungary, per MATAV phone directory, "né" at the ends means Mrs.: http://www.matav.hu/english/index.html

1. Jarabek Bence Budapest VI.
2. Jarabek Edina Kazincbarcika
3. Jarabek Ervin Budapest XXI.
4. Jarabek Gyula Kazincbarcika
5. Jarabek Gyula Kazincbarcika
6. Jarabek Gyuláné Kazincbarcika
7. Dr. Jarabek Ilona Székesfehérvár
8. Jarabek Imréné Csongrád
9. Jarabek János Kazincbarcika
10. Jarabek Jenő Csongrád
11. Jarabek József Nyugotszenterzsébet
12. Jarabek Károlyné Csárdaszállás
13. Jarabek Lajosné Budapest III.
14. Jarabek László Szeged
15. Jarabek Mihályné Dombiratos
16. Jarabek Szilvia Budapest XX.
17. Jarabek Tibor Békésszentandrás
18. Jarabek Tibor Ragály
19. Jarabek Zsolt Szeged
20. Jarabekné Hudák Ilona Kazincbarcika
21. Jarabekné Sávolt Mária Újkígyós
22. Jarabekné Treplán Mariann Szeged
17/12/2004, 21:24:57
#: 200412552

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heathercarter: how to contact using adress and phone
thanks for the information you've given on the addresses and phone numbers for Jarabeks in Hungary. I have the question though "can I write to these Jarabeks?" do you think they might understand English and do I need a postal code or zip code after their street address? or can I just mail to the address given?

Thanks to some of the hints given I have been able to track down a lot of information about the Jarabeks.
The furthest back names I have are John Jarabek married to a Rosie Komonik. They had a son John Jarabek who married Elizabeth Skoda and it was these two who came to the USA in 1901 and 1906. Their seven children Joseph, Steve, Andrew, Dick, Helen, Louise, and Martin came at various times. They all originally were from Kuklo or Kuklov, Slovakia ( or similar Czech? I'm no expert on the geography, it seems the country names have changed several times).

Thanks again for your help and to Brad for looking into the family history too!
21/12/2004, 02:44:32
#: 200412625

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Zlatica : Kuklov, Slovakia

The village of Kuklov is in Slovak Republic (former Czechoslovakia).
http://mapy.atlas.sk for locating a town in SK
www.zoznamst.sk SK's phone site
The area code 34, which includes Kuklov, is listing JARABEK, S'KODA,and KOMORNIK.
www.slovenskaposta.sk for zip code
More and more children and adults are learning English but I would recommend that you write in Slovak if possible. Include your family information, your e-mail address and a photo of your ancestor for that extra visual aid.
Sample of a letter in this website :
21/12/2004, 03:31:32
#: 200412627

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bkriszti: Jarabek Márta
Szépapám - Baráth László - 2. felesége volt Jarabik (Jarabek) Márta. A Felvidéken, Nagymegyeren éltek. Gyermekeik: Mária, Zsófia, Mihály.
Kérem, ha valakinek ezzel a családnévvel szintén Felvidékre vezetnek vissza az szálak, jelentkezzen.
19/07/2005, 16:12:40
#: 200507732

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Jarabek Jenő: bejelentkezés
Nevem Jarabek Jenő Szentes
A csongrádi Jarabek Jenő édesapám,
Várom a Jarabekek jelentkezését
üdvözlettel: Jarabek Jenő
08/04/2006, 07:28:02
#: 200604365

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jarábek józsef: család
Jarábek József čdesapám Jarábek József 1933 született črsekújvárrol a háború idejčn telepítettek ki akkor jöttek át magyarországra keresnčm a családtagokat!
07/01/2017, 20:50:54
#: 20170166

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