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pgpape: Pape family
I am a first generation American, born in Deckerville, Michigan. My father, Joseph Pape was b.18.05.1900 in Ujpest, Hungary. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1912 with his family including his mother, Julianna Linderer Pape, b.1873 in Gyor, Hungary; his brother Peter, b.27.01.1902 in Gyor; and his sister Marie (Mary), b.19.09.1905 in Ujpest. My grandfather, Nickolas Pape was b. 03.07.1871 in Hatzfeld in the Banat region of Romania and came to America separately. Nickolas’s father and mother, my great grandparents, were Josef Pape (b.19.03.1840 in Hatzfeld) and Barbara Wagner Pape (b.08.06.1845 in Hatzfeld); they had six children born in Hatzfeld. Joseph and Barbara are buried in the cemetery in Ujvar. They died 22.10.1906 and 17.07.1909, respectively. I have a picture of their tombstone with both names and the birth and death dates on it. This Joseph Pape’s parents, my great great grandparents, were Peter Pape b.22.07.1814 in Hatzfeld and Anna Hoffmann b. um 1817. They had twelve children, all born in Hatzfeld. Adolph Pape was father of this Peter Pape. My great great great grandfather was Adolph Pape b. um 1776, birthplace unknown, and died 10.04.1865 (day.month.yr) in Hatzfeld. His wife Katharina Lehn, b. um 1773, birthplace unknown, died 27.10.1857 in Hatzfeld. They had either 8 or 10 children, all born in Hatzfeld. Adolph’s birth date would suggest that he was either the first or second generation of my Pape relatives in the great migration of Germans to Banat or Hungary in the 1700’s.

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