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Frances Kenney
I am looking for my grandfather's native name. He immigrated to US America in 1901, or 1902, or 1903. His name appeared to be Stano, but it was Americanized to Stino. I'm not able to locate any spelling of that name on passenger lists, and my father was only a child when he came here with Grandmother. He thought they came through NY Ellis Island. Grandfather, Jozseph P. Stino (Sztano, Stiano, Stano (?), born March 5, 1872, grandmother, Maria Gregus, born August 7, 1869, (possibly August 16, 1869) both from Hungary, Slovackland, etc., Austria. Father, John Joseph Stino, born May 13, 1900, baptised in Turzovka, Godmother, Sophia Perdoch.

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25/11/2013, 01:23:10
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Zlatica: STANO

I find STANIK in Olesna's and Turzovka's phone book.
What IF a transcribing mistake was made when the document was taken out by your ancestor.
How do you pronounce STINO? Maybe it sounds like STANO?
The records are in the country that the location Turzovka and Olesna is = Slovakia.

Stanik, Josef 24 1872 1896 Unfortunately, this early arrival manifest does not give a place of birth.
25/11/2013, 03:22:03
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Zlatica: Sztanyo
can you connect to one of these descendants who listed surname STANO, SZTANYO in www.helenezx.homested.com [Slovak Pride Index]
surname, location, descendant
Sztanyo Dolna Tizina TRENCIN May [STAN^O in Dolna Tizina]
Stano Kalnica TRENCIN Sztanyo [STANO in Kalnica]
Stano Lednica TRENCIN Kebisek [ STAN^O in Lednica]
Posted only these Stano/Sztanyo from Trencin region since Olesna and Turzovka are in Trencin region as well.

PERDOCH in phone area code [041] Staskov, Olesna, Cadca, Turzovka

STANIK in same phone area: Staskov, Turzovka, Varin, Korna, Zilina, Budatin, Rosina, Lalok and few others.

GREGUS^ in 041: Skalite, Turzovka, Bytca, Zilina, Velke Rovne, Psurnovice, Kysucke Nove Mesto.

STAN^O in 041: Terchova, Zilina, Budatin, Krasnany, Dolna Tizina, Zakopcie, Podvysoka, and Straza.


Since the ancestors married in "old country" than they were from same location or within 10 miles radius but of course, it does depend maybe on the occupation of the male ancestor. Always some kind of an exception in every situation.
25/11/2013, 03:55:26
#: 201311441

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